Nuestra Mirada

Primer puesto – Nuestra Mirada – Janet Jarman – POY Latam 2013

Guarding Mexico's Elite – During president Calderon's term (2006 - 2012) over 60,000 people were killed in drug related violence. Kidnappings remain another source of income for organized crime. Many Mexicans, especially elite families, feel constantly under threat. While corrupt police are often part of the problem, wealthy Mexican families who are prime kidnapping targets often take protection into their own hands by hiring private militias of bodyguards. One prominent Mexican head of family ("José”) allowed coverage of his family and their team of highly-trained bodyguards, giving a unique insight into Mexican society, under the condition that his full name and city of residence would never be published, for his family's protection.

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Portafolios: Primer puesto – Nuestra Mirada – Janet Jarman – POY Latam 2013
Ubicación: Mexico


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