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Santo Domingo - Republica Dominicana
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Republica Dominicana
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Comment Wall (2 comments)

A las 7:43am del septiembre 1, 2008, Rowan Watts dijo...
Dear Pedro,

As a photographer living and working in Latin America, I have been recommended by Pablo Corral to introduce to you: Majority World & - tell your own story!

Yours with Very Best Regards,


Managing Director
Majority World CIC
A las 1:20pm del septiembre 16, 2008, Rowan Watts dijo...
Majority World - A Fresh Perspective in Imagery!

"A Fresh Perspective from Peoples of the Majority World - telling their own Story!"

Dear Pedro,

Please read as information on joining is included!

Thank you for responding to my enquiry. As a photographer from and working in the majority world*, I should like to take this opportunity to introduce you in more detail to the Majority World Picture Library:

This is the new global community interest initiative formed through the collaboration of Shahidul Alam of The Drik Picture Library in Bangladesh and Kijiji*Vision with the aim of:

- providing a platform for indigenous photographers, photographic agencies and image collections from the majority world* to gain fairer access to global image markets.

- making it easier for image buyers in the ‘North’ to find the wealth of fresh imagery emerging
from the majority world*.

*majority world is the more accurate term for what has been known as the developing world and the global ‘South’.

Market research has confirmed the relevance of this content for current image buyers – there is a shift occurring within the marketplace towards editorial content depicting real everyday lives for which this new imagery from the Majority World is well placed and ideally suited.

Image Marketing

Our service is open to meet picture requests via Kindly visit this website, register and review content, contributing photographers, their biographies and sample features.

We would welcome you to consider contributing content to this website and Jessica Lim , who is our Photographer Liaison Project Manager at our Dhaka offices , is available to lead you through this process. Features and stories will also be carried here and shared with DrikNews - the Dhaka-based news agency of Drik.

Assignments – Go Green!

We negotiate and obtain commissions for contributing photographers and encourage clients to reduce their carbon footprint by commissioning photographers of Majority World and gain access to the balanced view which only indigenous photographers can provide – being of the culture, knowing the local people, speaking the language and having an innate understanding of local context. In this regard we would look forward to woking with you for Cambodia.

We partner:


who commission our photographers to provide real everyday portraits of people from the Majority World, both street, studio and fashion photography where both the sitter and the photographer receive commission from each image sale – the first initiative of its kind where the person that is photographed also shares in the profit generated by each image sale.

“Diversity; great! Quality; great, given the circumstances! Models; great! Most remarkable; it breaks through the stereotypes. It shows the people as they are, not as the Western world likes to cultivate it. We love the series and the project. When will be next J?”

2008 Bas Van Beek, World Portraits

Most recent assignment: Amnesty International high level mission to Croatia

Current assignment: West Bengal ‘World Portraits’

Majority World CIC

Majority World here in the UK is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) which actively markets the availability of this image content into the UK, European and US markets - providing the ‘bridge’ to enable direct access to the ‘Northern’ marketplace for the work of indigenous photographers from the majority world. We are contributing partners to The WholeEarth Archive with immediate and in depth access to image markets in the UK, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and The USA.

Majority World CIC actively campaigns through its advocacy wing: to raise awareness and facilitate debate, acting as a catalyst to change image buying patterns and policy through the mobilisation of a wide range of stakeholders. We enable the discovery of indigenous photographic talent, promoting ethical standards in trade and valuing the authentic, balanced view which indigenous photographers provide.

Thank you for contacting us - and I look forward to your becoming a contributor to, and ambassador for, Majority World - so please feel free to forward the contents of this email to other photographers that you know who may also be interested in our work?

Yours with Very Best Regards, Rowan

Mr Rowan Watts
Picture Library
Majority World CIC


"The Peoples of the Majority World Telling their Own Story!"

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